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David Kahn is a digital fine art photographer based in Natick, Massachusetts. He starts with digital images captured from a scene using traditional photographic techniques. Then, using state-of-the-art computer technology, he processes these images to achieve his vision for each work. His goal is to remain true to the original scene, neither adding new elements nor removing ‘defects’. Instead, through the use of digital effects, David aims to bring his vision of the scene into focus for the viewer. Lighting and shadow, contrast and color, shape and texture all play a key role in the resulting images.

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Upcoming Events:

Natick Artists Open Studios -> October 4-5, 2008.
See the most current information at the Natick Open Studios Web site.

Natick Art Walks -> Third Thursday, May-September 2008.
For more information, see the Natick Center Associates Calendar.

Recent Events:

Glass House -> April 2008.
Group show with New England Light Painters at Wellesley College.

Gallery: Selected Photographs

Photographic Paintings (gallery)
There are some situations where the texture and color of a conventional art medium (watercolor, charcoal, etc.) is the most appropriate for conveying David’s artistic vision of a scene. Through careful application of digital darkroom techniques, the photographic paintings he creates highlight the essential character of the original image. The original photograph is frequently on display, along with the finished work, for examination and comparison.
Montages (gallery)
Frequently, a single image isn’t sufficient to say what needs to be said. In these situations, David creates a photographic montage … a group of related images. These images may vary in one or more dimensions (such as time), though there is always something that holds them together. His goal is to create a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.
Landscapes (gallery)
Macro Photography - coming soon
Portraits - coming soon
Scotland - coming soon
Centennial Park - coming soon

The gallery usually launches in a separate window. If this is disabled in your browser, you can access my gallery here
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