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There is a wealth of information about wines and wine tasting on the Internet, and this page contains a some general wine links which I find useful. There are also specific sites, such as sites dedicated to a winery or a type of wine, which I've discovered as I've prepared for each of our wine tastings. These links will be found on the page for the specific tasting to which the site is relevant.
Useful Links
General Wine Information
  About Wines
  Demystifying Wine
  Grape Varieties
  Journal of the Beverage Testing Institute
  Unusual Wine Labels (wines off the beaten path)
  Wine Lovers Page (Sign up for a daily/weekly email newsletter)
  Wine Pros
  Wine Today (New York Times)
Wine Reviews
  Wine Spectator
  Wine Today (New York Times)
Wine Sources
  Geerlings & Wade
  Prime Wines