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For general information on Australia wine, see the Wine Australia site. For general information on New Zealand wine, see the New Zealand Wine site. In the list below, winery names are linked to their respective Web sites.
#16 Australia/New Zealand White Wine pdf May 10, 2002
Year Producer, Selection From Variety Price * Score +
2000 Rosemount, Show Reserve, Hunter Valley Australia Chardonnay $14.40 88
2001 Villa Maria, Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc $10.00 87.5
2001 Tyrrell's, Long Flat Vineyard, White Australia 65% Semillon, 35%Sauvignon Blanc $5.60 87
2000 Tohu, Gisborne New Zealand Chardonnay $12.80 82.5
2001 Rosemount, Diamond Label Australia Chardonnay $9.00 81.5
2001 Villa Maria, Marlborough, Cellar Selection New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc $14.40 81
Conventional wisdom holds that Australia's Chardonnay is superior to New Zealand's and that New Zealand offers better Sauvignon Blanc than Australia. We sampled three Chardonnays and three Sauvignon Blancs, two of each from their 'preferred' country (a 'budget' and 'premium' wine from a single winery'). Does New Zealand make a good Chardonnay?

Our top two wines were the Rosemount 'premium' and the Villa Maria 'budget' (very fruity with a hint of sweetness). The Tyrrell's came in third, but the differences in score among the top three wines wasn't significant. As an inexpensive but delicious blend, the Tyrrell's was a bargain.
* The Price reflects the club discount for non-sale wines purchased at Kappy's Liquors in Sudbury and Wine Cellars of Silene in Waltham. Any purchases at the club price must be coordinated through me.
+ The Score represents the average rating of the group at this tasting, on a scale from 50 to 100. We each assign a value of 0-4 for appearance, 0-6 for aroma, 0-6 for flavor and 0-4 for our overall impression resulting in a total score from 0-20. These are averaged, the result is multiplied by 2.5 and then 50 is added. The resulting 50-100 scale is the same range used by Wine Spectator though their process may be different.