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There is a wealth of information about Go on the Internet, and this page contains a some general links which I find useful.
Useful Links
Learning to Play Go
  Kiseido Go Tutorial
  Yahoo Go Tutorial
  Samarkand Go Tutorial
  Learn to Play Go, Vol 1
  Learn to Play Go, Vol 2
Go Resources
  United States Go Association (Large listing of Go resources, free email newsletter)
  Samarkand (Source of Go books, equipment and software)
  Many Faces of Go (Excellent Go program, free 9 x 9 version available here too)
Where to Play Go
  Massachusetts Go Association (Play in person in Somerville, MA, beginner's night every month)
  Yahoo Games (Play Go and many other games, right in your browser)
  Kiseido Go Server (Hundreds of people around the world are available to play Go with you)