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I was first introduced to the game of Go when I was a student at MIT in the 1970's. I learned the rules, purchased and read an introductory book about the game, and purchased a Go set from a little shop on Newbury Street in Boston. I didn't play much for more than 20 years.

Roll the clock forward to 1998, and I was looking for activities to balance against the significant effort I was putting into my work. I felt that contrast was needed, and I wanted to pursue a variety of intellectual and artistic avenues. The game of Go intrigued me, and I decided I'd like to learn more about the game.

Without too much trouble, I discovered the Massachusetts Go Association, and went to a 'beginner's night'. The MGA provided plenty of encouragement, and over the next few months I discovered that the game was much more than I had originally believed. I was hooked. I've been an active member of the MGA and a Go enthusiast ever since.
Why I Enjoy Go
The game of Go intrigues me for a variety of reasons:
  Go is easy to learn, but difficult to master. From the beginning, I felt that I was making progress and improving my game, but at no point have I ever felt that I was running out of things to learn.
  Go provides a feeling of balance which I hadn't experienced in other games. All Go principles need to be applied in balance. are applied in the context of aThere are no principles which apply to the exclusion of all others
  Go provides a mirror in which I can see other aspects of my life. As I learn new Go techniques, I discover new ways to pursue work and family interests. Successful Go play embodies such useful principles as efficiency, patience and timeliness. Unsuccessful Go play often results from greed, carelessness and ignoring the 'big picture'.
  Go has a very effective handicap system, so people with significantly different playing strength can have an enjoyable competitive game. Since the handicap is adjusted as needed, every Go player can expect to win approximately 1/2 of his/her games.
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